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Birthday Weekend - San Antonio - Chigi's World
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Birthday Weekend – San Antonio

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How are you doing this beautiful day? I bet you’re very much looking forward to the weekend. I usually love the weekends because I use my time to run some errands and catch up with family. What do you like doing on your weekends off?

A couple of weeks ago I suggested to my husband we go to San Antonio for his birthday weekend. It’s been exactly 1 year since we moved from Maryland and Texas is such a huge place that we are yet to explore. San Antonio was just about 2-3 hours, so we drove down with some family members. We spent the weekend relaxing, spending quality time with each other and exploring downtown.


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Outfit Details

Top – Floral Off Shoulder Blouse from H&M

Skirt – Leather Skirt from Macys

Shoes – Sandals from Shoedazzle