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Behind the Magic - Nene Folorunso's Five Simple Recipes for Christmas - Chigi's World
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 • Behind the Magic  • Behind the Magic – Nene Folorunso’s Five Simple Recipes for Christmas

Behind the Magic – Nene Folorunso’s Five Simple Recipes for Christmas

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Hi guys,

I hope you’re having a great week. With the year coming to an end, I’ve been thinking of different ways to grow my blog, create better content & reach more people so I’ve decided to share my platform with other amazing people, guest bloggers, writers & creatives. I’ll also continue to share my journey as I transition into being a working mother as I also continue to share style tips, great products, brands, business resources & amazing people that will inspire us to live our best life.

As many of you know, I’m a proud and certified foodie so when my high school friend Nene shared her recipes with me and her vision of what she’s working on, I was excited to feature her. So, here’s more details on Nene Folorunso, the woman behind “Extras for Christmas – Five Simple Recipes to Enjoy This Season”.

1. Can you tell us a little about who Nene Folorunso is? 

I am a lawyer, presently studying strategic communications management for my graduate program, and a confirmed foodie. I enjoy creating recipes and making meals for family and friends. I live in Minnesota with my husband and 2-year-old daughter.

2. What is your Brand all about?

I am focused on sharing simple recipes and making cooking experiences quick and enjoyable. I believe you do not have to possess exceptional culinary skills to create a decent meal. My brand emphasizes that everyone deserves a delicious meal, and I seek ways to help people create these meals with less stress.

3. What is the Book about?

This eBook contains five simple recipes. It has two baking recipes, one finger food recipe, and two side dishes.  My most requested recipe for over eight years is my special stuffed pancakes and I am glad to share it in this book. The recipes in this book will add color to your tables and joy to your hearts this Christmas.

4. Why did you write this book?

I share recipes with people almost everyday, especially during the holidays. I have also received different requests over the years to create a body of work focused on food. So, this book is my response to those requests. It is also great to have the recipes in a book where people can always refer to.

5. What’s coming up next?

I just started my YouTube Channel which focuses on food and having real and honest conversations. I am constantly creating content about food and I hope to collaborate with more food brands soon.

6. How can people get your book, contact and connect with you?

You can download my eBook HERE or by clicking on the pictures in this post & you can contact me via the following ways. Email –

Follow me on Instagram – @nenebatubo and on YouTube – Nene Folorunso