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11 Easy Ways to Overcome the Monday Blues - Chigi's World
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11 Easy Ways to Overcome the Monday Blues

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Happy Monday darlings,

For many people, the Monday Blues is such a real and difficult thing. It is a state of anxiety, stress, fatigue and sadness that a person feels over the weekend, most especially Sunday because of the thought over the coming Monday workday and what the week is going to bring. The feeling is usually intense, unpleasant and overwhelming especially for people due to different physical and psychological reasons which I’ll share next week.

Nevertheless, the Monday Blues has less to do with what tasks, goals you have scheduled that day and more about your mindset and attitude towards it. As I mentioned in my last post, your mindset which is your state of mind is dependent on your set of beliefs, values, thought process and perspective about a higher being/God, yourself, others, the world and life. Also, your mindset determines your attitude, feelings, experiences and outcome in life.

If you tell yourself that Mondays are your favorite days, then it will be. If you adopt the perspective and truly believe that your work, schedule and opportunities you have that Monday is a privilege and a blessing because you get to do what you love, you get to use your God given knowledge, skills, talents and resources to create value, help people and make money, then you will start the new week with a brand new, more positive and excited attitude. I promise that new perspective will make you stronger to handle whatever challenges the day may throw at you, you will have a better day, be more productive with your work and be more pleasant to people around. A lot depends on the power of your mind and when you get your mind and attitude right, everything else falls in line and it’s a lot harder to start your day/week feeling blue.

Below are 10 Ways to Overcome the Monday Blues

  1. Have a good night sleep on Sunday night so you are refreshed, energized and prepared for Monday.
  2. Be intentional about what you want your Monday to look and feel like and plan your day and even week. On Sunday plan and if possible pick out your Monday outfit in preparation for the next day, plan/prep your meals, write down what you need and want to get done, places you need to go etc.
  3. Prioritize your tasks for the day and week and create a schedule which includes breaks, goals to achieve, timeline, meetings and then stick to your schedule so your day is more organized and easier to manage.
  4. Learn to start your day with prayers, meditation and visualizations of your ideal day, your strengths and your blessings.
  5. Listen to and read something inspirational to get you energized, focused, calm and positive before you start work. You can do this at home before you leave the house or on the ride to work.
  6. Write and speak out your affirmations, things you’re grateful for and what motivates you the most to keep you inspired and pushing through all challenges.
  7. Stretch, get in a good 20mins – 60mins workout sometime during the day to get energized, feel refreshed and manage stress, fatigue, mood swings and the Monday blues.
  8. Eat a healthy and balanced breakfast and lunch to energize and nourish your body so you can function to your optimal capacity, but avoid eating lots of carbohydrates which can cause fatigue, sluggishness and decrease your productivity.
  9. Dress to impress and dress for success. Wear your favorite clothes that expresses how amazing you are and makes you feel great about yourself and the value you bring to the workplace.
  10. Take mental and physical breaks to eat and nourish your body, drink water to stay hydrated, take a walk for boost of energy, do something fun like have lunch with someone you love, engage with a coworker and put a smile on their face and make your day more fulfilling.
  11. At the end of the day, review your accomplishments, celebrate you win for the day, plan for the next day and always end the day focusing and being grateful for all your blessings.

If you do all of the above and you’re still having unpleasant feelings and the Monday’s Blues, then you need to evaluate your life, the environment you’re in and the work you do to make sure it is right for you. If you need guidance through this process, I’m glad to assist you and share more resources with you so CLICK HERE and schedule a Consultation with me.

Remember, everyone deserves to live a happy, healthy, fun and fulfilled life with passion, joy and in style. Have a beautiful and blessed day.