Your Peak Productivity Path is

Positive Reinforcement



Choose your Goal


Understand the purpose/why behind the tasks


choose your reward system


allow for creative time and do nothing time/step away time

You my friend are a


You have an amazing ability to make everything come together!

When the important tasks, deemed by you, are in alignment with your purpose, goals, and values you feel amazing and like you are really thriving.

But when some of your tasks start to feel tedious and unaligned you can get really down on yourself. You may feel burnt out, which can bring on a feeling of overwhelm because you aren’t working at your same high vibe level, which starts the overthinking and doubt that causes the stress. .

So let’s make sure we avoid the spiral of doom.

Structure is great for you but you have to be intentional about the breaks you take. They are going to recharge you and give you time away so that you can get back into a creative and productive flow.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

Zig Ziglar

Here are a few productivity


It takes an average of about 25 minutes (23 minutes and 15 seconds, to be exact) to return to the original task after an interruption.

Now multiply that by the number of times you get distracted. THIS is why you always feel like nothing is getting done.

Not only is that 30-second Twitter check a 25 minute and 30-second check but it feeds into negative emotions, higher stress, a bad mood, and lower productivity.

As amazing as you are though, you are not the exception 

Your Path to Peak Productivity starts with the 5 R’s



In the Reflection Phase you have to identify the challenges you face because you cannot solve a problem you do not acknowledge. This is also the stage to reflect on your current life, where you want to go and the road blocks preventing you from getting there. You have to be able to analyze your thoughts, feelings, choices, habits, actions, responsibilities and experiences, so you can set the right goals.



In the Rediscovery Phase you have to identify and overcoming any limiting beliefs, emotional blocks, negative habits and toxic thought patterns so you can consciously create a better version of yourself and be more productive. This is also the stage where you get clear about why you want to be more productive. What is the reward for effectively and efficiently managing your time, energy, resources and responsibilities? It sounds obvious but you will be surprised.



The Redefining Phase is about taking ownership of yourself and mastering your mind so you can reinvent yourself. In this stage, you also have the opportunity to redefine what Productivity, Success, Balance and Fulfillment means to you, personally and professionaly. You also have to visualize what type of life aligns with your core principles and who you are authentically, because your character determines how you show up in your relationships.



The Realignment Phase, is where you restructure your life, set up better systems and create the best plan to get to your goals. You also have to make sure that this plan aligns with your purpose, your core principles and your new identity which determines how you show up. Also, this is the stage where you get to prioritize the 20% of goals that will give your 80% of the results you need, so you can identify the right tools, resources, products, people to help you accomplish your goals while you eliminate stress that comes with being a busy woman.



The Realization Phase is about taking consistent action to realize your dreams. This is where you commit to the plan and consistently implement the productivity strategy, using the tools, systems and resources given. In this stage you take consistent action until it becomes a habit and track your progress so you can realize your biggest dreams, reach your highest potential, achieve your greatest goals and deliver on the promises you made to yourself and loved ones. Also, this is the process of self-actualization, when you find balance in your life and experience the reward from being more productive…properly.


These are not your average quiz results girl. Let’s walk through the major things that are going to get you to peak productivity!


Choose Your Goal​

  • Your goal plus your unique purpose and personality determines your path.
  • Because if you don’t know where you’re going then any road will take you there.


Understand The Purpose/Why Behind The Tasks​

  • You need to know why you are doing something because it has to make sense to get you to your goals. Because if it isn’t getting you to your goals why do it? 
Stop Seeking Validation and Perfection


Choose Your Reward System

  • It is so important for you to create a reward system for yourself. Not only does it help motivate you but it also makes you feel like you are getting things done.
  • It keeps being productive fun for you. This is something that you deserve to do.
  • This tricks/stimulates your mind into wanting to keep going.


Allow For Creative Time And Do Nothing Time/Step Away Time​

  • Take a fun break!
  • Make sure you take some time to decompress in the way that feels great to you. It could be fun, creative, relaxing or mindless. But it needs to be FOR you! Because when you are at your best you can give your best.

Don’t get caught in these

Productivity Potholes

  • Not giving yourself enough time to finish a task
  • Not blocking off time
  • Not adding important events to our calendar — thinking you will remember
  • Not bringing someone into a task/delegation
  • Not checking in with your accountability partner
  • Not checking in with yourself
  • Biting off more than you can chew
  • Over promising or overbooking
  • Not taking care of yourself
  • Getting sidetracked by your amazing ideas – stop, write them down then come back to it to flesh it out.


Who is the productivity pro behind this perfect productivity quiiz

Time Wasters Barriers to Productivity Eliminate bad habits

Hi! I’m Chigi!

One of the best things I’ve done for myself and loved ones is to redefine what success means and what being productive looks like for me. Learning to better manage & maximize my time, energy, talents & resources changed my life. Prior to that, I used to spend every waking hour doing busy work with a never-ending checklist because I thought that was what being a hardworking and productive person meant.

Even when I took a break, I’d feel guilty and anxious because there was always something that could be done with that time. So, no matter how much I accomplished, I didn’t feel as productive because everything wasn’t checked off on my “To Do” list.

Initially, productivity to me was more about being perfect, being busy, working hard, hustling and being a super woman by doing everything on my own and getting everything done on my list. But now I have a different mindset and attitude which has changed how I show up for myself and others.

Now, being productive to me is about being clear about my purpose, my goals and my unique path to achieve those goals. Then I make sure I create a specific plan of action and set up systems to support me in implementing my plan. 

Also, I make sure that the daily tasks and habits I perform align with my identity, core principles, my strengths and personality, while other things get eliminated, automated or delegated to my team or loved ones. This helps me prioritize the few things that will help me achieve my greatest goals and give me the highest reward, joy and fulfillment.

So elevating my productivity level is now about how I can work smarter and maximize my resources to make but impact while having more freedom in my life. It’s about being mindful and intentional, while practicing selfceare, being authentic, at peace and balanced.

Nurse Practitioner, Business Woman, Coach, and Mentor. 

That is why I created the Productivity bundle… or Blog posts. 

I wanted to share what has helped me change the way, I manage my time, energy, talents, resources, and life. 


Chigi's World The Productivity Bundle - The Guide, Tools, Resources, Workbook, Planner & Journal Templates Success Tools Tips Systems Strategies

The Productivity Bundle will give you more flexibility and freedom, to spend more quality time with your loved ones, be more present in your relationships, and do more of the things that you love to do while being happy, healthy, fulfilled and successful. 

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