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Wardrobe Essentials – Kimono Styles & Spring Fashion

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Hello Style Lovers,

How are you feeling now that we’re officially in Spring. I hope your day is brighter and weather is warmer. Even though we’re still social distancing, we can still wake up each day and make an effort into getting dressed and enhancing our appearance and mood. Today I’m sharing one of my favorite fashion pieces that every woman needs to have, a kimono. They are definitely wardrobe essentials and a must have for Spring.

Kimonos are classy and timeless pieces. They are also fun, fresh, functional and yet fabulous. Kimonos are my go to pieces during Spring because they make a statement and be styled in so many different ways to complete a look.

Below is a collection of beautiful Kimonos I found from some of my favorite stores. Go through the slide shows and click the pictures for more details or to shop using my affiliate links. I hope this is helpful.




Mini Length Kimonos


Midi Length Kimonos


Maxi Length Kimonos

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