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30 Day Holistic Health & Wellness Challenge to Elevate your Mind, Body, Soul & Lifestyle

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Hi Darlings,

I hope you’re having a great day and feeling well? I’m so passionate about health and wellness which is why I became a Nurse Practitioner and now a Holistic Health Coach for women, most especially for women in very stressful roles e.g. healthcare providers, caregivers, entrepreneurs and women in leadership roles.

As women we have a tendency to neglect ourselves and our health because we’re so busy trying to care for and please everyone else. But what I have learned is that you have to love and care for yourself first so you can be your best and be able to love and care for others. You can’t pour into someone when you’re empty, just as you can’t give someone something you do not have.

Therefore, my goal is to help you kick-start healthy living by learning how to create simple and sustainable habits so you can make healthier choices to maintain mind, body, soul wellness. It’s also about maintaining a happy and healthy balance in all areas of your life to stay fit, strong, protected, authentic, well adjusted, productive, cope with stress, financial free, prevent and easily recover from any illness.

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To enter you have to complete each daily challenge and the winner will be randomly selected by the end of the month. The winner will get a care package with different health and wellness products or a gift-card.

I hope this challenge inspires you to take control of your health to elevate your life. To get an accountability partner, daily support and more resources to improve your health and wealth you can click the link below to make your selection.

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I’m an open book. I love life, I love people. I love to connect and inspire people. My goal is to help women look and feel their best by finding their style and confidently expressing themselves.


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