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Spring into Summer in Stripes

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Hi Friends,

How are you? I’ve been enjoying the sun, warmth and blooms of the Spring season and I’m looking forward to Summer. What about you? I’m 8 weeks post partum and I’ve been cupped up at home for such a long time. I’m finally starting to leave the house to get back to life as I get used to my new normal and finding a balance between selfcare,  being a working mom and wife. Also my body has changed so much that I struggle with what to wear so I’m relearning my body. As I rediscover myself again and my style, I’m also editing my wardrobe. Below, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite striped dresses to show you how to “Spring into Summer in Stripes”.

Whether your pregnant, post partum, skinny, curvy, tall or short, stripes are great for your. Stripes add character to a look and it can be more fun when the stripes are different sizes, colors and patterns. They work for different styles, seasons and body type.

Click on the picture slides via my affiliate links to SHOP or get more details of my looks and others. I hope you love my selections for this season. Have a fabulous week.



Mini Striped Dresses


Midi Striped Dresses


Maxi Striped Dresses




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