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Spring Trends – How to Style a Kimono

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Hi ladies,

How is your week going? Today I wanted to share another Spring trend that is simple, effortless and cute, and that is the Kimono. They are robe like tops, cover ups and dresses and can easily be styled and rocked in so many ways for work, dinner, a girls night out, the beach, bedtime or even for a formal event.

Kimonos can be worn with anything under the sun from dresses to rompers, jumpsuits, lingerie, swimwear, pants, skirts, shorts and tops. Regardless of how you wear it, it is always a fun and flirty piece to accessorize and accentuate your outfit.

Below are some of the different ways I’ve rocked a Kimono which you should try out this season.  I’ve also linked some Kimonos from some of my favorite stores. Which style is your favorite?

Long Kimonos

Tribe of Dumo Kimono

3reeC’s – Chic Creations & Collections Kimono

Anything Bling Boutique Kimono

Ross Kimono

Short Kimonos

Ross Kimono

JCPenney Kimono

ModChic Coutour Kimono


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