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My Top 10 Fall Trends in 2017

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It’s the first week of October in this Fall season. The best part of Fall for me especially living in Houston is the cooler weather, the style and colors. Fall represents change and the circle of life. It’s beautiful to see the climate and environmental changes and with that change comes a transition in style and mindset as we prepare for winter and the holiday season.

Today I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Fall 2017 trends. You can check out my slideshows below and shop the look by clicking on the pictures. I’d love to know what you think about my list and which are your favorite trends for the season. Have a fun weekend.




Floral Prints






Plaid and Checkered


Leopard Print


Broad Shoulder Jackets


Statement Sleeves


High Necklines and Victorian Collars


Fun and Cozy Sweaters


T-Shirts with a Social or Political message


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