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A Lace Dress, Converse and a Statement Bag Chigi's World Ross Look for Less Little White Dress Bell Sleeves Chuck Taylor All Star Footwear Sneakers Mona B Bags Recycled Up-cycled Live Love Wander Canvas Tote Handbag JORD Reece Series Zebrawood and Emerald Wood Watch Jasper Arrowhead Pendant with African Turquoise Beads

A Lace Dress, Converse and a Statement Bag

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Good morning,

Today I’m sharing my love for my Live, Love and Wander Canvas Tote Bag from Mona B. The Mona B company is an ecofriendly and ethical fashion and lifestyle brand with the most beautiful and fun products.  My love for this brand started with my love for this bag, it was love at first sight. It tells a tale so old as the beginning of time. It speaks to my soul and completely describes me because everything I do in life falls under these 3 words.

For as I could remember I’ve always been the shy girl with big dreams. Although I felt I had no talent, I already knew I had a calling in my heart to help and inspire people.  Also, I had already figured out that Love and your relationship with God and people were the greatest things in life and that there was no love without actions.

With that calling and a big smile, I set off on my quest to explore, to learn, to help and connect. On my journey, I figured out my talents and my purpose and everything I’ve done henceforth has come down to these 3 words.

LIVE – Because you have only one chance and one life to live so you have to live it fully and with purpose.

LOVE – Because Love is the greatest thing we have. Love is patient, Love is kind, Love forgives, Love heals. Love endures all and seeks the best.

WANDER – Because there is great beauty and power in knowledge and knowledge comes only from seeking it, exploring, learning etc. I see the beauty in all things and I wander not because I’m lost, but because I’m more aware about the grandness but fragility of life, I wander to maintain my inner peace, to meditate and focus and to always remember that we are actually just travelers here on earth, leaving memories and footprints on the hearts of others.

Living my life this way is a conscious decision and this bag is my daily reminder. I built my look around this bag because I was inspired by the words, the style and the story behind because all the products are made from recycled/upcycled materials. I decided to create a boho chic look that is timeless and can always be recycled. I went with mixing 2 different but classic styles, the little white lace dress and the good old converse all-star sneakers.  Next, to enhance my boho rustic style and complete my look, I accessorized with wood comb earrings, wood rim sunglasses, Jord wood watch and my favorite African beads and pendant necklace from Burdlife which I wrapped around my wrist like a bracelet.

I hope you love this look and enjoyed reading this. To get more details and shop my look, click on links below. Hope you have a great Monday and remember it’s never too late to get a Mona B bag and join the Live, Love, Wander squad. Peace and Love!



Outfit Details

Dress – White Lace Dress with Bell Sleeves from Ross sold out, similar from Lord and Taylor (here) and (here), JC Penney (here) and (here).

Shoes – Converse Chuck Taylor All Star from DNA Footwear (here), Urban Outfitters (here).

Handbag – Live Love Wander Canvas Tote Bag from Mona B (here), similar (here) and (here).

Watch – Reece Series Zebrawood and Emerald Wood Watch from JORD (here).

Bracelet – Jasper Arrowhead Pendant with African Turquoise Beads from Burd Life sold out, similar (here).

Sunglasses – Wood Sunglasses from Amazon (here).

Earrings – Wood Comb Earrings from 3REEC’S – Chic Creations and Collections.

I’m an open book. I love life, I love people. I love to connect and inspire people. My goal is to help women look and feel their best by finding their style and confidently expressing themselves.

  • Melanie


    Very inspiring Chigi and i enjoy reading your posts. I also subscribed to your emails.

    May 15, 2017

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