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Memoirs of a Gypsy


Your breath on my neck, Whispers in my ears. The wind in my hair, Calls to my soul.   Sweet sweet sounds, Music to my lips. Vision of hope, Taste of life. You stole my mind. A kiss on my heart.   Mind races. I can't catch my breathe. Zero to a hundred it goes, So fast & furious. Pulse quickens, Heart skips a beat, Tango to samba, disco to waltz.   Excitedly anxious, I yearn ...

Loving Hearts


Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a good week. While we were most likely going through our weekly routine, people were being terrorized and killed all around the world. Yes! I said terrorism and Yes! I said all over the world. Terrorism occurs every day in our world today but we usually just hear or talk ...

The Picture


In the darkest part of my room In the inner most area of my crib Sits an old but authentic picture. The picture so dark The picture so dull But yet it sits with so much life. The picture is of a girl The picture is of a loner Who stays on the outside and observes life as it is. She watches from the ...

Fashion and Lifestyle


Fashion is Art. A way of expressing oneself, your aspirations, experiences, moods, personality, thoughts and views. Fashion is Life. Your style tells a story about different cultures, lifestyles, nature, places, seasons or just a point in time. Be comfortable and know who you are. Find your style and decide what you want to express to the world, by the way ...

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