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I Took a Leap of Faith and Quit My Job


I finally TOOK THE PLUNGE! Not into the water, but into my dreams and my destiny. I’m now a Full-time Influencer & Entrepreneur. So, what does this mean? It means that I have done the work to align my business with my ministry and purpose to serve people, hence they are all one and the same. But the great part is I get to do it under my own terms and in my own way that aligns with God’s will for my life, makes more impact in people’s lives and gives me more fulfillment.

Behind the Magic – Karen Avila


Hello! Welcome back to my "Behind the Magic" series on my blog. This is Season 2 and it's going to be great as I interview bold and brilliant men and women of our generation, from different backgrounds and with different experiences. My purpose for creating this series is to take you behind the scenes and shine a ...

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