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How To Mix Colors + Being Authentic


Happy Darlings, As I reflect more on my life and purpose, the biggest thing I've been learning about is authenticity. It is said that "the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step", hence your journey towards your purpose in life starts with you and your happiness and success in life begins with a transformation of ...

10 Things I Learned in a New York Minute


Hello darlings, I'm so excited it's the freaking weekend! I always love and look forward to my weekends because that means extra time for me to create more content to share with you and more time to spend with my family. Some people may not know, but I'm such a tomboy who's sometimes girly. I was that ...

1 Year Later – Dreams to Reality


Hello darlings, Guess what! Chigi's World finally turned 1 this weekend. Yay! When I started this journey as an influencer, I didn't realize how much work but also how much fun and fulfilling it would be. It has been amazing connecting with so many beautiful readers and other bloggers. It has also been great establishing new relationships ...

Happy Valentine’s Day – With All My Hearts


Happy Valentine's Day Darlings! I hope everyone is having a beautiful day. Meanwhile, it's raining cats and dogs out here. Houston's weather is so confusing to me but I'll pretend it's raining hearts, like a shower of love..lol.  As we all celebrate this season of love, remember that love is what we have been called to ...

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