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Fun Red Dress Boutique Looks for All Season – Sales Up to 75% OFF


Hi Ladies! How are you feeling and how's your week going? I can't help but say that it feels so good here in Houston. It seems like the cold front we had the past few weeks has passed and I'm loving it. The weather is so beautiful and we're back at wearing lighter clothing. Hence, I've ...

Bow Ties or Tutu Skirts – Our Baby’s Gender Reveal


Hi Darlings! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with loved ones. This season is a great time to reflect and celebrate all your blessings and wins, despite the challenges. This year, we had a lot to be grateful for, so thanksgiving was extra special for my family and I. Read this post carefully as ...

Black Friday Deals for Thanksgiving – Fashion


Hi Style Lovers, Are you excited about the Thanksgiving Holiday like I am? This season is one of m favorite time of the year & although I'm currently under the weather, I'm still excited & super grateful for all the love, blessings, food, fun and shopping with loved ones that comes this season. As we all know, ...

Houston Thanksgiving Event – The Holiday Market with Stephanie Bijoux


Hi Friends, I'm super excited that the Thanksgiving Holiday is right around the corner. It is one of my favorite holidays and the best thing about it despite the sad and violent history behind it, is the opportunity to take time off to spend it with loved ones and to just say thank you for all ...

Monday Motivation – 6 Books to Help you Grow your Mindset & Money, to Manifest your Best Life


Happy New Week Friends! Mondays get me so excited because it's the start of a new work week. Although I sometimes work on the weekend as a Serial Entrepreneur, there's something magical about getting a fresh start on a Monday. Your weekends should generally be a time to reboot, refresh, and refocus your mind plus body on ...

Pink Power & The Art of the Scarf Collection for Breast Cancer Awareness


Hi Ladies! I hope you're having a beautiful day & staying warm despite the cold front. As you may all know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month but what you may not know is that according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Breast Cancer is the most common type of Cancer apart from Skin Cancer. It ...

10 Ways to Improve your Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health


Hi Ladies, It’s such a blessing to see another beautiful day & new month. The month of October is such a special month because it’s the beginning of a new and the last quarter of the year and if you look back and reflect, you’ll realize that no matter what challenges you may have faced, you ...

Happy International Coffee Day – My Favorite KETO Coffee


Happy #InternationalCoffeeDay Did you know that research is showing that greater consumption of coffee may increase your life span? They think the ingredients in the coffee as well as the lifestyle, psychological effects and relaxed attitude to this habit is very beneficial because evidence has shown a decrease in diabetes, heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease and ...

Women’s Day – Women’s Rights, Health & Socioeconomic Issues


Hi Ladies! This post is for you and it's a must read. When I think of the term Woman, I think of characteristics like Strength, Nurture, Healer, Love, Caregiver. I believe that women are the backbone of our families and society. We are the champions of everyone’s cause, so much that it almost feels like we've been ...

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