Memoirs of a Gypsy

Your breath on my neck,
Whispers in my ears.
The wind in my hair,
Calls to my soul.


Sweet sweet sounds,
Music to my lips.
Vision of hope,
Taste of life.
You stole my mind.
A kiss on my heart.


Mind races.
I can’t catch my breathe.
Zero to a hundred it goes,
So fast & furious.
Pulse quickens,
Heart skips a beat,
Tango to samba, disco to waltz.


Excitedly anxious,
I yearn for you.
Lub dub, Lub dub,
It sings for you.


Fairy dust,
Treasure chests.
On wings of an angel,
I fall for you


My heart falls,
A million times in time.
Each moment, every adventure,
It’s a colorful mystery


A trip is like a date
Wining and dinning,
I know you more
I search, I explore,
To be one with you.
Tick Tock, Tick Tock,
I stare at the clock.


I’m in Love, I’m in Love,
I scream in silence.
Traveling gives me a high,
High high high I go.


The beauty in people, places and life
Makes me fall for you all over again.
It reminds me so much how great you are
I Love you, I love you, I appreciate you more.
by Chigi.

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