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Behind the Magic – Chinwe Egwim, the Nigerian Economist, Thought Leader and Trailblazer


Hello! Today on Behind the Magic, I interview Chinwe Egwim, a Nigerian economist with over 500 published economic notes, primarily geared towards financial, development and macroeconomics. She is the Senior Economist at FBNQuest Merchant Bank (an arm of FBN Holdings) and a National Consultant for the services trade project which is partly driven by the United Nations Conference ...

Behind the Magic – Ebele Iloanya of MODChic Couture


Hello Friends & Family, For those of you who are new here, Behind the Magic is a series where I highlight various businesses in different industries and the amazing women behind them. I use my platform to share some of their experiences and resources they've used as successful  leaders and/or entrepreneurs so you can be inspired ...

Books to Read about Racism to Become ANTI-RACIST


Dear Family & Friends, When we talk about injustice or racism in this country, some people stay silent because they think it doesn't affect them. Others say, they do not see color, they are "Color Blind", they are not racist etc. But the interesting thing is that for you not to see the blatant injustice, racism ...



Dear Friends, The last couple of weeks has been very difficult. The state of our country and our world has been troubling but amidst the Covid19 pandemic we were reminded that we are still dealing with another pandemic that has existed for centuries which is the pandemic of racism. This form of injustice has destroyed lots ...

My Favorite Podcasts by Women for Women


Hello Friends, How are you? How do you feel in your body and soul? As a lifelong learner, I’m always reading books, listening to podcasts, watching TV so I can continue to learn, grow and build myself up personally and professionally. My goal is to continue to to improve  and grow my mindset, habits, health, productivity and ...



Hello Friends,  Happy New Month! The month of May is actually Mental Health Awareness Month and Mothers Day. In celebration of Mother's we'll continue to share stories of resilient women who have struggled with infertility. When my husband and I started our fertility journey almost 8 years ago, we didn’t realize the roller coaster ride we were ...

Trying to Conceive – Infertility Stories to Give you Hope


Hello Friends, All week we have been celebrating National Infertility Awareness Week (April 19-25) one way or another. Some people have privately shared their stories and some have reflected on their journey and even publicly shared their struggles to raise awareness for this condition that affects more than 1 in every 8 couples. Despite what people ...

Low Carb Green Smoothie – Mint Celery Cucumber & Pear Refresher


Hello Friends, How is your week going and how are you feeling? Today I’m sharing a light smoothie recipe I created this past weekend. I wanted something green, mint flavored, low in carbohydrate and sugar, so this is what I came up with. Smoothies are a great way to get stay hydrated while getting lots of vitamins, ...

BEHIND THE MAGIC – Mom of 3 & CEO of Jojo Shoes


Hello Friends, I hope you had a wonderful week. As you can see, the Behind the Magic interview series is finally back on the blog due to popular demand. For those of you new to my platform, it's a series where I feature different people and companies doing amazing things. I highlight their work, share their ...

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